A Year In Review Kids’ Printable

When you have little kids, the years really seem to fly by, but take forever, all at the same time. They change so quickly when they are little, and I am quickly learning that although I think I will always remember what his favorite color is during this stage of his life, or who he BFF is this week, I am seriously mistaken. I had hesitated to fill out anything like this, because I figured it would just get lost, or thrown away. But I found these containers at Walmart awhile back, and started using them for Gabe’s artwork from school. I loved the simple organization so much that I went back and bought more, so I wouldn’t run out. I also started using them for our important paperwork. I know I should actually have stuff filed in a filing cabinet, in an organized fashion, but until we move out of our teeny tiny apartment, this keeps the chaos under control.

So today I was thinking about these year in review sheets, and realized that even if I just fill it out and throw them in his art bin, at least I will have it for later.

2016 Year In Review Kids' Printable | Heal Your Soul

So do you document different stages in your child’s life? Leave a comment below with your favorite way to preserve your child’s memories. As always, thank you for stopping by!!

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